Puto Bumbong & Bibingka Galapong

(on the left: clay bibingka stove, on the right puto bumbong steamer)

No Filipino Christmas is complete without the traditions of ‘simbang gabi’ (church mass), Noche Buena, and warm companies of close family and friends. This is a way of expressing how Filipino value relationships. I always remember how I was as a kid, when my mom will buy food from stalls outside church; what I always tell her, “ma, gusto ko ung bayolet” (Mom, I want the purple one), then, later I learned it was called Puto Bumbong.

Puto Bumbong & Bibingka Galapong are my few favorite native desserts that I normally crave for, even if it’s not yet available. I always love the sticky texture of puto bumbong; it reminds me of tikoy, a traditional Chinese New Year giveaway to family and friends. It is said that, it’ll bring everybody closer and having a harmonious relationship to one another. (sweet & sticky) Another cherished memory is having this soft, spongy texture of bibingka galapong; it reminds me of the Chinese steamed rice cake wrapped in red paper called ‘huat kueh’, which resembles prosperity.

Fortunately, there’s a stall, along the driveway of Metrowalk (Meralco Ave., Ortigas), beside the fruit stand, who sells good puto bumbong & bibingka galapong, the best of all, it is available ALL YEAR ROUND!!! I’m a regular at Kuya Tony’s store for a few years now.

Puto Bumbong is made from soaked, ground glutinous rice called Pirurutong, which has a distinctly purple hue. It is poured into bumbong or bamboo tubes, then steamed until cooked. It is topped w/ butter, fresh coconut shreds, & muscovado sugar (cane sugar) just before serving.

(from upper left, clockwise: ground pirurutong, filling the bumbong, cooked puto bumbong, steaming the puto bumbong)

The secret of a puto bumbong is the usage of the right ingredients to achieve a greater harmony. Muscovado sugar gives a hint of nutty sweetness that refined sugar doesn’t give, then having fresh coconut shreds gives the texture and cuts the stickiness of the roll. One thing that makes them different is the use of ‘pirurutong’, instead of substituting it w/ the regular glutinous rice plus food coloring, that’s the reason most puto bumbong have a pale lilac shade.

Classic Puto Bumbong (muscovado sugar & coconut shreds) P25

Our Version of Puto Bumbong (grated cheese & coconut shreds)

Bibingka Galapong is a coal-steamed rice cake made out of ground glutinous rice, water, & egg. It is cooked on a clay pan that is lined w/ banana leaves, for the aroma, then topped with salted egg slices. Preheated coal is placed both at the top and at the bottom of the pan to cook thoroughly. It is best served w/ butter & coconut shreds.

(from upper left, clockwise: pouring the batter, batter w/ salted egg, cooked bibingka, covered bibingka)

Bibingka Galapong P50

Warm, soft, & fluffy is the supreme qualities of good bibingka galapong. Most of the bibingka available has a dense texture after cooling down, because of the use of flour, which contains gluten (protein); plus overmixing of the batter, develops the protein; which makes it heavy and tough. The salted egg gives another notch of complimenting flavor and texture of the bibingka.

As the CrazyChanese would say, “Good food is revived tradition, but excellent food is ART perfected.”

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Tony’s Special Bibingka – Metrowalk, Ortigas

For party needs, call or text 0928 259 0466


8 Responses to “Puto Bumbong & Bibingka Galapong”

  1. Oooh i love puto bumbong and bibingka, the traditional food that i always long for at end of the year, best shared with family….i should visit Mang Tony’s…

  2. Yummy!!! Your food shots are good and very enticing for the readers. Keep up the good work crazychanese!

  3. celeen chonsa Says:

    hmmm… i want to visit that place now. excellent food shots.

  4. celeen chonsa Says:

    Wow! I love it. hmmm, i will visit mang tony asap. Congrat “M”

  5. sweetremco Says:

    thank you crazychanese for the valuable info, now i can eat my favorite puto bungbong everyday.

  6. ajhndljbe Says:

    hey crazy chinese! bring me some :))

  7. your post is really timely. Christmas is just around the corner. I love bibingka and that one seems very delicious 🙂

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