Royal Italian Lunch over at L’Incontro

Last week, I was invited by Carlos of Foodie Manila, to join him in a PR launch at L’Incontro. At first I was hesitant to go with him, but in the end, agreed to come an hour before the event starts. Like any regular launching, expecting to be at their best. But this was different, we were treated like “ROYALTIES”, yes you heard it right, royalties… At the door, the PR person greeted and welcomed us to the event and at the same time the servers served us Apertif, not your usual term for a welcome drink. After receiving the menu, I was so excited to get it started. I didn’t understand most of the dishes because it was in ITALIAN!!!, being a fil-chi w/o Italian blood, (nose-bleed T_T), but I can profoundly describe it . I won’t make this long, but here is the 9-course meal we had. (viewers precaution: the photos will make you crave) Bon Appetito!

All photos courtesy by Carlos Palma of Foodie Manila

APERTIF – Peach Bellinis

ANTIPASTO – Insalata Caprese (Zonin – Prosecco Special Cuvee Brut)

It is layers of sliced pomodori & mozzarella di bufala drizzled w/ olive oil. This was the perfect start for the lunch, having subtle flavor combining the softness of the cheese & the sweetness of fresh tomatoes. HA-LLE-LUJAH! HA-LLE-LUJAH! Which reminds me of a pizza in italy called “margherita”, using the 3 colors of the Italian flag, (red, white, & green).

PRIMO – Crespella Tartufo (w/ Kendall-Jackson 2007 Camelot-Chardonnay)

This was my favorite, actually. A layer of thin crepe w/ Italian ham and Mozarella Cheese in it topped w/ creamy truffle cream sauce w/ fresh button mushroom (not the canned ones). The combination of saltiness of the ham & cheese combine with creaminess & ‘earthiness’ of the mushroom was a match made from heaven. Perfetto!!!

SECONDO – Seabass al Sala (w/ Carmen Reserva 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon)

Heavenly fish!!! Baked local seabass (apahap) covered in rocked salt served aioli (made from scratch). Guess what, it’s not salty at all!!! Surprise, surprise!!! The flaky texture of the fish combined with a creamy, smooth dressing was outstanding! It’s like Yin & Yang when combined causes HARMONY & BALANCE.

We’re not done yet!!! There’s still more up ahead.

SECONDO – Roast Beef Tagliata con Rucola (w/ Carmen Reserva 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon)

CONTORNO – Roasted Rosemary Potatoes, Onion Gratin, & Arugula Salad

Calling all beef lovers – this is THE BOMB!!! Pan Roasted 1.5 inch thick premium grade rib-eye (the best part of the beef) cooked medium rare. This is so tender and flavorul. The juices of the beef explodes in your mouth, combining it w/ the sweetness of the onions and the crispness of the potatoes was a different way of eating your regular steak at your favorite steak house. It’s a major SIN if you don’t try this at L’incontro.

As a cheese lover myself, I love this next dish.

FORMAGGIO e FRUITTA – 4 kinds of cheese w/ dried fruits (w/ Natalie Sweet 2007  Syrah)

Not your regular processed cheese of the shelves, hehehe. Combination of four types of cheeses, which are Parmegiano Reggiano (dry & flaky), Caramelized Brie (sweet & creamy), Gorgonzola (creamy, sharp, & spicy) and Cheese Log (soft). This was awesome, I wish I could take this home… Loving cheese since I was a small kid, this was paradise for me. I wish I can have this everyday without putting a hole in my pocket.

DOLCE e CAFFE – Affogato = Gelato di Nocciola + Espresso + Amaretto Liqeur + Biscotti Croutons

DIGESTIVO – Limoncello

The food here reminds me of Italy in movies. Good food isn’t always complete without a superb conversation w/ friends. But the best part is reminscin’ that wonderful experience we have in those memories like we had in L’incontro.

Eat. Dine. Experience.


L’incontro is located at 207 N. Garcia (formerly Reposo) St., Makati City

899 0638 / 899 0642


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