how WE eat/dine…

As for my first ever blog post, I want to feature on how WE dine, as was observed by me. hehehe…

Dining, as we know it, is just defined as ‘to take any meal’, but for other countries, it is considered an art. It is a form of ritual on how we give importance to food & people (we dine with).

Photo by Carlos Palma of Foodie Manila

Being born here, in the Philippines, we’re used to eating like ‘crazy’ or no rules at all, conspicuous at most Filipino restaurants. It shows how our culture influences us as a person and shows how Filipinos love festivities, celebrations, and show how bonded we are to each other.

A friend and I we’re chatting over a press lunch at L’incontro (always forgetting the name, jeez…) in Makati. We started talking about how the place reminded us of ‘rusticity’, having a feeling of coziness but not intimidating over a 9-course meal, from apertif to digestivo. While we were at it, we talked about cultures and etiquettes; how it defines the persons dining, shall we say, rituals.

I was telling him that typical Italians enjoy food with family and friends over small chats while bonding with each other, like how it was presented in the movie “Letters to Juliet”. As compared to a ‘traditional’ Japanese or Korean dinner, which is very ritualistic. There’s a certain way of using a chopstick or drinking tea. But Filipinos have no rules, but, for me, is the most enjoyable. Eating however you want it!!! Long buffets, large piles of food, boisterous laughs, and at the end of the day, EVERYBODY is JOLLY!

It all ends up on how WE want to enjoy our food… But the best way is to cherish every minute of those SUMPTUOUS memories…

P.s. Many Thanks to Carlos for providing me photos for my first blog entry, and hopefully in other future entries… hehehe


2 Responses to “how WE eat/dine…”

  1. congratulations for a very informative and interesting site about new finds foods and how we enjoy the life through dining and eating….hope to see more … more power

  2. mj samson Says:

    You’re really in love! in love of what you are doing, in love with yummy, rich, dramatic, inticing fooooods… what more could i say?
    i’m so proud of you and your friends for this impressive blog

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